Went to Jusco with Ashley again right after class to buy some groceries. Just skip the grocery part, Im still not good in grocery shopping, I bought things I want but not things I need ><

See what I bought xD


Kellogg's Special K cereal, instant noodles, yogurt and milk. Of course yogurt and milk are in my stomach now, so no photo to show xD

That's how my food box looks like


I have Horlicks, milk, instant noodles, oats, cereal, fibre, biscuits, glucose and honey. I know I shouldn't eat instant noodles, but I think instant noodles is kind of essential for a college student?  (Unhealthy college student actually xD)

Went for dinner at Kenny Roger's Roaster after that


Guess what, we brought the milk that we just bought from Jusco. xD 

Maybe because of the milk, both of us felt very full and I couldn't even finish the chicken and fruits ><

Went to Starbucks :D


Mine look like a candid photo. But I like it. Haha!


Went to moral lecture class this morning. It should be just another normal lecture class, but I found this in my textbook xD


For those who doesn't understand Malay, go and use google translate xD Im just too lazy to translate it.

Think Im gonna show Ashley this later. I can't wait to see her reaction. Im sure it will be super funny A_A

I don't really feel fright this through out this whole day. I don't like this feeling :( Guess the moral textbook was the most funniest thing for today. Haiz...

Took a photo of myself to make me feel better, but apparently I failed ><


I don't look alright, I need something to make me feel alright = =

According to my mom, eat something good or try to eat some chocolate (but dont eat too much larh)

and so, I bought


Tuna, M&M's and Dou Hua. The Dou Hua is very nice, but I coundn't finish it = = Suddenly feel like eating tuna even though Im not really a tuna person. 

I never thought that an assignment project can cause conflict. It sounds like Im a college freshman, but actually Im graduating in this year. Am I being too naive? I always thought that people will be nice and friendly to you if u be nice and friendly to people. Why college students are so complicated? I really thought that we are friends after what we have gone through together last few semesters. How good if everyone is as friendly and loving as Jesus? 

He is and will be my best friend forever and always :) and He is also the reason why I can smile even though life is not really easy. I can't imagine there are people think that life on earth is suffering and torturing. Why? For me every life is beautiful and wonderful. I really thank God for giving me this chance to enter this world, if not I wouldn't experience all these wonderful things and know all those beautiful people. :)

"Life is a gift, life is not to be wasted, its to be cherished. Enjoy every moment. Live everyday as if ot were your last day. Live each day with thankfulness in your heart to God, because you were woderfully and fearfully made. You are not accident, you are a destiny." --Jaeson Ma

"We all need to be thankful for life, whether life has been good, or whether life has been hard!
  Know that God loves you, always forgives you, and has a plan for you.
  You are His precious child.
  God knitted you & formed you in your mother's womb. Life is not perfect, but every life is worth living." --Jaeson Ma

God loves me so much, so what's the point for me to emo just because of a small thing? His love is greater than any other things or problems on earth :D

It's 6pm now @@ I seriously need to bath and have my dinner. I need to study for tomorrow's test. 

Be blessed :D

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