It's week 4 now!! 

Time flies, all the mid-term test and deadline are coming soon. It sounds stressful, right? Yes, it's kinda stress, but I know I need to keep reminding myself that, Im gonna be ok, it's gonna be okay, because Im standing on the solid rock. 

Yes, Im now in KL, actually I already in KL since last Sunday. Hehe, was too busy and don't have time to update my blog. ><

Let's see what had happened when I was at home :)


My cousin's wedding!!! The teddy bears are s darn cute!!!


Me with makeup on. I know I looked weired = =


My younger brother, Timothy. Why is he so cute? 


Had a wonderful fellowship time with my borthers and sisters in CMC. 

We might not be perfect, but all of us are the apple of God's eyes :)

We are loved and worthy!

And of course, shopping with Ashley!!! See what I have bought :)


A very simple blouse in nude color. I feel like back to simple stuff. They are easier to mic and macth with other clothes.


Bought this peach tank top from Uniqlo. It is very comfortable to wear. 


Pink cardigan from Uniqlo as well


Turquoise skirt from Cottom On. 

Btw, Cotton On is getting cheaper and cheaper now, u can even find a dress at RM5 only!! But need to dig la


New flat from Submitt.

I know this is not what I usually wear, but I feel like trying new stuff. Surprisingly, Im kinda like it :)

 I finally meet up with Wan Yee. I've been in the same class with her since Form 4. She is now studying PR in TARC. 


We went to Haven Cafe in Ampang to do assignment. 

They have good food and good environment, can consider to bring your loved one for dating :) but definitely not during lunch hour la 



My assignment. I have totally no idea of how to finish it and tomorrow is the discussion. Oh my oh my. What should I do?


I wanted to go out and enjoy field but my assignement :(


See, do assignemnt is veyr tiring. 

Finally Lydia finished her exam. we went out for shopping on last Saturday. I bought some stuff from Padini.


Finally i got myself a simple white button up shirt. It can be both formal and casual. :)


A formal skirt. 


Cute socks from Vincci. I lile the lacey part ad the cute umbrella. 


A belt. 

Basically, I overpent again. So don't ever try to ask me out ya!




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