Hi, been a long time i didn't update my blog. 

Time flies, my best friend, Vyonne graduated and went back to Penang, and Im now in Year 2. So, I lost a shopping kaki and makan kaki. Vyonne, when will u back to KL again? I miss you very much. T^T

Actually this post is totally nothing with Dancing Queen, Im just simply put it. XD but i really like the song "Dancing Queen" =)

As u can see in that photo, my hair is just like rumput, and it seems like losing the curly wave. Why? I miss my hair as well. =(

Have u guys ever met a fella that can always makes u angry without any reason? 

He is such a "special" guy. I have never ever met a guy like him before. How can he acts like he knows everything but in fact he doesnt know much? To be frank, he can easily ruin my emotion. Am I having prejudice? I think I should seriously think about this issue. No matter how, he is still my fellow brother in Christ, we are always and forever spiritual family. 

However, I dont like his attitude only, I have no problem with he himself. Im cant accept sin but I love people. 

Just saw a post on fb, "I hate life" by a fellow brother in CF. 

Do you know that life is very precious because Jesus redeemed it with His own blood. Ya, life is not perfect and sometime it is tough but we have the greatest thing in our life, that is God's unending love. There is uncertainty in this world, but as a child of God, we have one thing that will never change. God's love for us is yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever the same. You are fearfully and wonderfully made by Him, your existence in this world is not an accident. You are God's precious child, He is the one who knitted you and formed you in your mon's womb. Look to the cross, can u see how much your heavenly Father loves you? Dont always think that nobody knows your problems, your temptations, your emotions, Jesus knows it. You may not wants to tell others your problem, but you can just freely talk to Jesus. I'm sure He is always there for you and ready to listen to you. Life is a gift, and worth-living =)

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, so that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." --John 3:16

That's why I can say, knowing God's love is the most happiest and wonderful thing in my life. 

Dear friend, do u have this unending perfect love in your life? 

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