It's not the Korean Drama "Full House" ya.  Actually I'm sure when u saw the cartoon above u will know I'm not talking about te Korean Drama la XD 

Just in case someone don't know XD

I'm talking about Full House Restaurant at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng =)

Let the pictures tell the story...



The night view~~ I steal this picture from Elain's blog, just because of the Twin Towers.  How come i never take a picture at Twin Towers?


Nice decoration!!! 


Last Saturday, I went there with Vyonne. Actually we were planning to have brunch at Full House but because she over slept, the brunch became high tea XD


I eyes look weird in this photo but Vyonne looks nice, so I just post it la XD


This one is nicer leh? XD  But how come my makeup semua hilang?!


Papaya Milk Shake & Honeydew Milk Shake

Guess which one is mine XD


Both of us ordered same thing. It's chicken, but i can't remember it's name.  Just call it "someting something chicken chop"


Vyonne with her meal.  Nice photo leh...leng lui XD

Vyonne ar, I'm waiting for u to send me my photo leh, just a few only tak syoik la ><

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  • Joanne Yap
  • I WANT THE DRINKS N FOODS. :DDD Nice place though. :P
  • hehe...next time we go together la...dessert very nice!!!

    jasmine9216 於 2011/03/17 17:11 回覆