Today is Friday. Ya, I did say that I don't like Friday just because I have no classes on Friday. But today will be a different Friday. It's sound col, right? XD

I'm now waiting for my friend, Vyonne's call. We will going to KLCC to have our dinner and have a look at Zara!!! And after that, we will go to church for a seminar. Think am going to learn a lot later. I'm looking forward to it =)

Let's talk about my study. I like my eng tutor so much. Her voice is so soft and gentle. I like the way she call my name "Jasmine". I hope I can speak like her. I'm a girl ma, of course I need to learn how to be a lady, be gentle and soft. 

And she played a game (it's not a game actually) with us. This game is a lil bit like what I played before with my old pal.

Brand of a car: answer will always be BMW. Don't ask me why, I like BMW since secondary school. I met a BMW guy before also, but now we're just friend. =)

Brand of men's suit: Haha...I choose Giorgio Armani. Why not G2000, because for me G2000 is not that luxury la...Elain's boyfriend wear it to college everyday!!!

Brand of cosmetic: Shiseido. I'm not really like Japan but I like Japanese cosmetic and skin care items, because it's suit for Asian skin.

Brand of  mobile phone: Nokia, just because I'm using Nokia XD

Still got many items but I'm not going to write down all of them, I'm just too lazy to type it.

Why not she asks me for a brand of headband? I definitely will answer Forever 21. 

I went to Pavilion with my friend last week. As u know, every time I go Pavilion I definitely will go inside Forever 21. I like their hair accesories and dresses. But on that I couldn't find any headband. I want the black headband laa. Elain said got polka dot headband in Forever 21 but why I didn't see it?

Blair Waldorf 2.jpg 

I like this headband so much!!! I found one in Fahrenheit 88. But it's quite expensive, costs RM 20 something. My friend said it's ok, but!!! For me, it's expensive!!! The quality is not that good and it's more expensive than Forever 21!!! I won't buy it unless I really cannot found a cheaper and nicer one. XD

Let's not talk about it.

Actually that day was a good shopping journey la. I bought a pair of sandals from Fahrenheit 88, hair clips from Forever 21, bra from Cotton On. 

And I had Japanese cuisine!!!! WOW!!! I love sushi!!!


sorry for the lousy quality ya XD I was damn full on that day, and I skipped dinner as usual =)

Alright, need to do research and continue to write the boring report now....God bless =)

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