Like the title above, ya, am in semester 3 now. Ya, time's flying and we couldn't catch it XD

And...ya! I got a good news and a bad news to share. Which one first? Of course is good news la. The good news is, 3rd sem is a short sem, got 7 weeks only, that means I can balik kampung in April. And the bad news is, because of this semester only got 7 weeks, so according to my OHR tutor, we cannot have any holiday, vacation, we even cannnot have a break because we have to rush up all the syllabus in 7 weeks. (Normally is in 14 weeks) 

But of course no one can control me to not to have holiday la....I love holiday, I love shopping, I love outing, I love makan besar, etc


because of I'm not having any classes on Friday and weekend, all of my friends will balik kampung on Thursday after classes. Haizzz....


Shopping kaki is needed
Dinner kaki is needed
Movie watching kaki is needed
Mahjong kaki is needed

any kaki also can la -_-lll

pls email me at

What girl is it? No wonder she is single la = =

I think I should go and throw Mandarin Orange into the river and maybe I will found my future husband through this way. *seriously*

I'm not joking, okay! There's one of my friend's cousin sister found her husband through this way lo, but I think even though there's a guy pick up my Mandarin Orange and call my mobile phone, I won't pick up the phone also lo. I dare not to pick up and answer the phone. Too many jerk nowadays ma, my mom said cannot simply answer unknown call XD


Ya, I found this photo from web but one of my friends wore this T-shirt when we had our dinner at mamak just cool the T-shirt!!!

To conclude this, pls remember to use Malaysian rubber when u have sex ya XD

Of course I'm not encouraging ppl to have sex la, but if u need it and your conscience is clear, then just do it la....but pls remember to use Malaysian rubber XD

Actually am wondering how ppl differentiate it's a Malaysian rubber or not = =''

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