hi, everyone =) Finally I update my blog, but actually I still don't know what to write la XD

Hmm...I think I'm just too lazy to update...haha

This gal memang syiok sendiri = =

Oh ya...Merry Christmas to everyone =)

btw, I've received the best Christmas gift, how abt u? =)

 Thank God for gave me the chance to back to my hometown

In the Christmas morning, I received this msg from my dear sis, HuiPing

"Let us give our thanks to Jesus Christ for everything that He has done for us, the LOVE that has never fail"

yeah, many ppl think that Christmas is at shopping mall or dating or clubbing

but for me Christmas is a very important and meaningful day, it should be full of love, hope and joy

but the most important is, be thankful =)

hope u guys have a blessed Christmas 

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