I think I really need to start a title for random posts such as this one becoz lately that's all I update about XD

okay la....I'm lifeless just like that = =

Chatted with Elain just now, she's staying in her college this weekend to rush up her assignment with her classmate. Then I told her that I've done my presentation and test, haha. I made her envy XD

But, I also don't have weekend holiday for this week =(  damn kesian

I skipped 3 lectures in this week, and I have a lot of tutorial questions to do now. I think I will work like hell this weekend. Haiz...kesian again XD

I'm trying to finish my accounting tutorial while reading leng lui Jun's blog. 

She's got a lot of outings with her friends and boyfriend *jealous*

I have to work like hell in my room, as what Elain said "we have no weekend". I'm totally agree with

I have

NO outing with friends
NO dating
NO entertainment
NO supper and yam cha

I only have

MANY homework
MANY clothes to send to laundry
MANY tissue-made wantan (because of flu T_T)
MANY digit numbers on my mind


Chatted with Xuan on msn last night, I miss her so much. I want to go Penang now!! Who can drive me to Penang? I belanja makan Tiger Biscuit..WAKAKAK (I sicked of Tiger Biscuit since last semester, but still got one packet in my room now= =)

Why all my jimuis in Penang but I'm in KL? I think I suppose to study in Penang with my jimuis but not come to KL alone. But I still prefer KL la. Sometimes u just got to love staying in KL bcoz of the super cheap clothes that satisfies a shopaholic's thirst. =P

Btw, Yee will be coming to Setapak to meet up with me on this coming Thursday, she said maybe will stay overnight with me. Yay!!! Maybe can do some simple shopping with her on that day XD I'm planning to get myself a pair of sandals, a black handbag that looks pretty much like Ivy's handbag, a belt that matches with my Seed denim dress, a beige bow headband and also some lingerie and undergarments. XDXD

And I will be going back to my hometown on the other day, hehe. I miss my dearest mummy and Mr Bobby. Of course I want to meet up my jimuis also la. Don't know whether I got enough time or not. Arhh...faster to sem break laa XD

Back to reality, haiz, why u remind to do tutorial worr? I don't want to do homework laa...

Miss u so much XD

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