This is just a random post =)

I'm preparing for Friday's test while listening to Jay Chou's emo songs while chatting with him xD

erm...ya, I've done my first individual presentation yesterday. I used the most boring way to present the fucking boring topic, so I don't think I'll get high score for it, but it's okay, bcoz i didn't expect can do well XD

I went to Sunway Pyramid to do some shopping with my friends on Sunday. Damn kesian, we didn't even take one photo for the outing. The another kesian thing is, I bought only a formal shirt and a bloody cheap headband. First time i didn't shopping until kisiao with my friends. Not because of I've changed, but I'm saving for my dream dress, dream bag, dream heels, etc

I'm such a shopaholic

I turned emo yesterday after the presentation. I chatted with Yee on fb.

Me: Yee...

Yee: What's up?

Me: emo-ing

Yee: emo again? What's wrong with u o?

Me: I don't know, I feel like something bad will happen on me. I even cannot breathe now =(

Yee: Huh? Don't scare me leh

After a few hours, I lepak at mamak with Ivy, Dolph, Sam and Lydia. I received a message from Yee during the time. 

"Are u okay? Still emo-ing?"

"Yee, I think I know why I turned emo, because I was listening to Jay Chou's songs just now"


Because of Jay Chou, I turned emo

= =lll

But seriously, I really thought something bad will happen on me. Pray for me~~~!!!!!!!

Back to reality, 11.10pm oredi!!!! Time to study now =(

Good night my dear


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