let's countdown XD


i'm wondering who will remember my birthday because basically no one will remember it as i'm not a Very Important People
= =
i have
nothing to say and nothing to write
but i have something to dream of XD
LG lollipop~ hehe
of course i want the pink color one...
i wanted to buy it but guess the price
RM 690 ++   >o<
haha...yeah...i love bow headband
because of gossip girl, because of blair waldorf
hope i can collect all the headband in forever 21
shopping untill kisiao!!!!!!
but i dont like to do shopping alone
who can accompany me
and i dont want to wear my T-shirt, jeans and sneakers la
i love heels actually XD
back to real life
i know i'm not alone, but why i feel so lonely
i feel lost in my studies
i'm homesick-ing
i miss my jimuis
i'm exhausted
i know i have to be more independent, but please dont leave me alone
let's make a wish
i hope everything will be better start from tomorrow =)
cheer up, jasmine =)
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  • 建德
  • be happy

    r u ready?
  • i need some motivation =)
    but the motivation just can last for a few days only..damn kesian

    jasmine9216 於 2010/10/27 16:05 回覆

  • waiwai86
  • u will never walk alone.
    find me if u want........
  • haha..of course i wont walk alone...bcoz i will going with my jimuis XD

    jasmine9216 於 2010/10/27 16:04 回覆

  • waiwai
  • me leh.....==
  • shop with jimuis is much more better

    jasmine9216 於 2010/10/27 16:07 回覆