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It's week 4 now!! 

Time flies, all the mid-term test and deadline are coming soon. It sounds stressful, right? Yes, it's kinda stress, but I know I need to keep reminding myself that, Im gonna be ok, it's gonna be okay, because Im standing on the solid rock. 

Yes, Im now in KL, actually I already in KL since last Sunday. Hehe, was too busy and don't have time to update my blog. ><

Let's see what had happened when I was at home :)


My cousin's wedding!!! The teddy bears are s darn cute!!!


Me with makeup on. I know I looked weired = =


My younger brother, Timothy. Why is he so cute? 


Had a wonderful fellowship time with my borthers and sisters in CMC. 

We might not be perfect, but all of us are the apple of God's eyes :)

We are loved and worthy!

And of course, shopping with Ashley!!! See what I have bought :)


A very simple blouse in nude color. I feel like back to simple stuff. They are easier to mic and macth with other clothes.


Bought this peach tank top from Uniqlo. It is very comfortable to wear. 


Pink cardigan from Uniqlo as well


Turquoise skirt from Cottom On. 

Btw, Cotton On is getting cheaper and cheaper now, u can even find a dress at RM5 only!! But need to dig la


New flat from Submitt.

I know this is not what I usually wear, but I feel like trying new stuff. Surprisingly, Im kinda like it :)

 I finally meet up with Wan Yee. I've been in the same class with her since Form 4. She is now studying PR in TARC. 


We went to Haven Cafe in Ampang to do assignment. 

They have good food and good environment, can consider to bring your loved one for dating :) but definitely not during lunch hour la 



My assignment. I have totally no idea of how to finish it and tomorrow is the discussion. Oh my oh my. What should I do?


I wanted to go out and enjoy field but my assignement :(


See, do assignemnt is veyr tiring. 

Finally Lydia finished her exam. we went out for shopping on last Saturday. I bought some stuff from Padini.


Finally i got myself a simple white button up shirt. It can be both formal and casual. :)


A formal skirt. 


Cute socks from Vincci. I lile the lacey part ad the cute umbrella. 


A belt. 

Basically, I overpent again. So don't ever try to ask me out ya!




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Have u ever felt this way before? Keep doing assignments, presentation, sit for tests or work OT in weekdays, and damn look forward to the weekend to come.

I have this feeling all the time, except during high school. I'm wondering why I loved weekdays so much during high school but once I entered college, I dislike weekdays, except Friday xD 

24/2/2012, Friday

The Wedding Diary  

Have u watched this movie? 

Went to MBO in Festival City, KL with Lydia and Jeremy for this movie on last Friday night. It's a very good movie :) at first I thought it is just another funny local chinese movie, but actually it contains a lot of good value in our life and according to Jeremy, this movie reflects guys' feeling when they want to get married. LoL

Again, me and Lydia were the loudest laughter in the cineme room. LoL! Why I cannot be normal or sane a bit when I hang out with Lydia? She always makes me laugh like a crazy girl in public. It's so embarrassing yet funny. LoL

25/2/2012, Saturday

Kenanga Wholesale City   

Went to Kenanga Wholesale City with Ashley. Actually some of the shopt is doing retail business as well. Can consider this if really wanna buy cheap clothes. Their clothes are really cheap, like RM5. But, maybe because of Im a online shopper, so I found out most of their clothes can be found on taobao, and some of them are even expensive than taobao. I think I will buy from taobao, even though I cannot really touch and feel the material and fabric. 

I didn't buy anything from the wholesale city, but Ashley bought toy for her dog, Bonnie xD SHould I buy one for Bobby too? :P

After a few hours spent in wholesales city, we went to pavilion. Forever 21 is doing SALES now!!! I found some sexy panties XD It's super cheap, like RM5 per one, but the design is not really nice. 

And I found this shirt :D


Jesus loves you!!! I love you too xD 

Went to Vincci to buy shoes. I wanted to buy flat actually, but I end up with wedges = =


Love it very much!!!! Im having a small dilemma now. Im turning 20 now, I know it's the time for me to make a change in my life, but Im just wondering should I say bye to the school girl look that I used to be and say hi to a more ladylike look? I know my mom will definitely says I should start learning how to be a presentable lady now, but Im just not sure. I need a thoughtful advice :)

And Din Tai Fung for dinner :D

Din Tai Fung  

Michelin star restaurant, but not really expensive xD I love their Xiao Long Bao!!!


We ordered noodles, Xiao Long Bao and Taiwanese Spring Rolls.

Im gonna go there again to try their other foods xD

26/2/2012, Sunday


Just ignore my messy hair = = (but actually I love my hair very much xD)

It's been a really long time I never take photo of myself. I took some because I was too boring in my room so just simply play around with my phone xD  

I went to Festival City again with Teoh in the afternoon to have lunch with her. 

Okay, I bought clothes as well ><

red blouse  

I bought this red blouse in Kitschen. Simply put together with my cardigan and white Tee :P

I think the first one will looks very cute with short pants, but remember to tuck in the blouse and wear a red bow headband xD

hello kitty  
I know right xD 

The second one is very suitable for the weather in M'sia. HOT!!!!!

I don't like the third one = = It looks very weird with cardigan. Maybe can wear with skirt? I don't know ><

Found some nice shirts on their website :)


I love heartssssss!!! The dress is totally school girl look >< 

Was looking for flat in Summit. I found a lots of flat with bow 


Nice or not? Nice ot not? They are my best friends, but I guess I will not buy that much compare to heels from now on :( but I'm gonna buy one of them very soon xD

And went to Vincci, Jusco with Sukhpreet to buy flat. I need to wear flat to college laaaaaaaa =3=

and so I bought this, quite different from what I used to wear 


very comfortable but I don't really used to the design, without bow = =

I spent a lot this weekend, so don't call me out for shopping ya. I will stay in my dorm and wait for my taobao bag to arrive xD

But i guess no one is gonna believe in me =P

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The most exciting and favourite exercise of girls------SHOPPING!!!

Tell u the tips to get a luxury branded bag at cheaper price xD

First, see what I bought yesterday :)


You may found this bag is so familar because many of the online shops are selling this bag.

Check this 

http://www.ezytred.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=74_79&product_id=5440 >RM 45

Besides that, Im sure it is available in Sungei Wang and Time Square

To hunt this bag, I went to pavilion and Farenheit 88.

It is available in Cotton On and only costs RM 38, but only in black color. I guess the brown color is sold out. xD

and in Accessorize as well but it costs RM 150++

In Farenheit 88, there is a unknown shop is selling this bag, and it is in brown color!!!! 

It looks like this


Guess the price, it's RM 129!!!!!

You may wondering why this bag is so popular. I think I can answer your question. Before that, 1 more photo :)


The "original" one actually is from an UK luxury brand called Mulberry

As it's from Mulberry, so we can consider the other that can be found in online shop or others fashion outlets are actually just copying the design = =lll

(They may modified some of the details part but they still look exactly the same or at least 90%++ the same)

So, u may know the whole story now. In other words, I bought a 'fake' Mulberry bag from Cotton On at RM 38 only!!! @@

Well, I like the bag very much even though it might be a fake one but Im just a student only ma XD Maybe next time when I got a job and Im blessed enough that can afford luxury brand product, I will buy the 'original' one from Mulberry =D

But according to Ashely's 'observation', she said the one from Mulberry is more to elegant and the one from others' outlets are just simply casual.

So, what do you think about this bag? xD

And I bought a little red bag from Vincci Accessories :D


You can carry it with handle or you can take out the handle and it will become a little sling bag :D

Hehe! Actually this reminds me of Teletubbies :D  

Tinky Vinky.jpg

See! A little red bag also = =lll 

Well, I like Teletubbies :)


Tata :)

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以后就叫我熊猫小姐 XD





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online shopping好好玩





在网上买衣服真的很好玩啊。。尤其是对我这种懒惰的人。。在网上买衣服简直就是至高无上的顶级享受 <---------还顶级享受咧,这人真的是完全疯掉了= =lll

原本就是啊。。我不用走shopping mall走到脚又酸又累。。然后又不用一直去fitting room一直试衣服。讲真,我开始觉得一直穿穿脱脱有点麻烦= =


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呃~ 内容可能会和标题有点出入。因为其实我最近都没有真正的痛痛快快地shopping。我最近都只是宅在家,什么地方都没去。哎!没办法啊,下个月就是SPM了,如果我在这个“非常时期”跑去玩的话,我会有罪恶感的,虽然我很懒,可是我还有点良心XD

所以结论就是,疯狂shopping只是存在于我的幻想中。呃,应该也可以说是我的计划吧!明年大概1月尾的shopping计划!因为我就要考SPM了啊,而且12月要去考驾照,爹地好像已经帮我安排好了,还好教车师傅是个女的,要不然我会觉得怪怪的。所以搞到来,可能要等到大概1月尾我才有时间了。那时候时间刚刚好接近农历新年,我可以顺便买新衣服~ 哈哈 发梦ing~

话说回来,其实我也不是很久没有上网嘛。为什么我刚刚进google reader的时候,全部人都已经update了?我用了很多时间才把新网志都看完。感觉上我好像已经和整个网络世界脱节了。哎!我不依、我不依啦!所以,各位亲爱的,从现在开始如果我没有更新网志,你们统统都不准更新!!!要不然,别怪我不理你们!= =lll


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