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Dear readers, Im will not gonna continue blog at here from now onward. 

Anyways, I will not delete this blog because it has been around since I was in Form 4. I would love to keep all those memories here in order to let me always coming back and remind myself who I was and it will kinda ecourage me to pursue my dream and my future. 

My new blog ---> http://jasminechew.wordpress.com/


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Photo taken by my mom 

Daisy :)

I love daisies but Im Jasmine. 

"Jasmine. A sweet and fragrant flower. Small and insignificant, but it gives out a beautiful scent to distinct it won't be missed. It is white, the symbol of everlasting    purity and virtue. That's how I want to live my life--I want to be a pure fragance that testifies of the goodness of God." --Jasmine Yow

My cell leader's wife at CMC told me about Yow few months ago. She is my senior in high school, but we don't know each other, until now. I can still remember that she has super impressive academic achievements during high school. FYI, my high school "produces" a lot of smart students, but unfortunately I wasn't one of those smart students. When I was in high school, I used to think that those smart students are not a normal human being, they were like a mini god for me, until I read Yow's blog and some reviews on her book, "Behind That Shiny Resume". 

"Don't compare yourself with other people. Compare yourself from the past and the present. And you will notice the blessing that is granted by God." 

It's May, and this is the last semester of my diploma years in TARC. To be frank, I don't really know which path to take, and Im not sure whether I want to continue study in KL. I find myself very complicated, I love big city and all those concrete jungle but at the same time, I love staying at home. 

Still, I don't know how to handle stress and peer pressure. I know deep inside my heart, I refuse to grow up.

My result will be announced in two more days. I've done my best, but still Im afraid. 

Sometime I really felt like just crying in front of the altar, because I know I really need His love and His touch but Im just not sure if I cry out in front of the congregation.

Jas, be strong :)


Bobby :)

Here he is, after his left eye injury, still being very brave to chase other animals. According to my mom, he helped my dad to catch a snake last month when I was still in KL. My mom said because he knows that he is our watchdog, that's the reason why even though he is sick or injured, he will still on his job everyday. 

We love you, Bobby!

The new semester is already started yesterday but Im still at home. Im having fever since the day before yesterday and terrible mouth ulcer as well :( 

Im sorry, Brad. I didn't mean to hurt you. Sometime I need people to show me love and care but sometime all I need is just a quiet time. 

Till then.

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Have u wateched the series "F.R.I.E.N.D." before? Haha! This post is nothing related to the American Series. Im just being random xD

I was super duper busy last week, because of the assignments and presentation :(  but im super duper free now :D and nothing to do = =

Say hello to hello kitty :)


Thanks to Joanne :)

College's Easter Night :) Was very tired but very happy to see souls back to God's kingdom 


the door gifts


the ushers: Me, Brandon and S.T
I looked very tired, but that's true also la = = 


Jeremy and Brandon 
Why they looked so awkward?

Class :)


Yes, we took photos in class. A very bad role model :P


Joanne and I. I know it doesnt look like me = = 

Outing!!!! My life is not complete without outing :P

I, Lydia and Jeremy went to 不见不散 on Friday night :D


Jeremy :)


Lydia trying to look energetic :P


Jeremy with his "passion fruit juice"


Lydia with her cheese baked rice 


Me and my food. Obviously it's cheese baked rice also. 

Lydia said I looked very hamsap in the first photo xD



This is super nice but fattening xD

After that went to Sweet Hut to have our dessert


I love heart ♥ ♥ 


My sweet heartssssss ♥ ♥ 


Coconut dessert. Quite disappointed with their food, but I think I will go there again and try the others ♥ ♥ ♥

I love my sweet hearts ♥ ♥ ♥

See u :)

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Went to Jusco with Ashley again right after class to buy some groceries. Just skip the grocery part, Im still not good in grocery shopping, I bought things I want but not things I need ><

See what I bought xD


Kellogg's Special K cereal, instant noodles, yogurt and milk. Of course yogurt and milk are in my stomach now, so no photo to show xD

That's how my food box looks like


I have Horlicks, milk, instant noodles, oats, cereal, fibre, biscuits, glucose and honey. I know I shouldn't eat instant noodles, but I think instant noodles is kind of essential for a college student?  (Unhealthy college student actually xD)

Went for dinner at Kenny Roger's Roaster after that


Guess what, we brought the milk that we just bought from Jusco. xD 

Maybe because of the milk, both of us felt very full and I couldn't even finish the chicken and fruits ><

Went to Starbucks :D


Mine look like a candid photo. But I like it. Haha!


Went to moral lecture class this morning. It should be just another normal lecture class, but I found this in my textbook xD


For those who doesn't understand Malay, go and use google translate xD Im just too lazy to translate it.

Think Im gonna show Ashley this later. I can't wait to see her reaction. Im sure it will be super funny A_A

I don't really feel fright this through out this whole day. I don't like this feeling :( Guess the moral textbook was the most funniest thing for today. Haiz...

Took a photo of myself to make me feel better, but apparently I failed ><


I don't look alright, I need something to make me feel alright = =

According to my mom, eat something good or try to eat some chocolate (but dont eat too much larh)

and so, I bought


Tuna, M&M's and Dou Hua. The Dou Hua is very nice, but I coundn't finish it = = Suddenly feel like eating tuna even though Im not really a tuna person. 

I never thought that an assignment project can cause conflict. It sounds like Im a college freshman, but actually Im graduating in this year. Am I being too naive? I always thought that people will be nice and friendly to you if u be nice and friendly to people. Why college students are so complicated? I really thought that we are friends after what we have gone through together last few semesters. How good if everyone is as friendly and loving as Jesus? 

He is and will be my best friend forever and always :) and He is also the reason why I can smile even though life is not really easy. I can't imagine there are people think that life on earth is suffering and torturing. Why? For me every life is beautiful and wonderful. I really thank God for giving me this chance to enter this world, if not I wouldn't experience all these wonderful things and know all those beautiful people. :)

"Life is a gift, life is not to be wasted, its to be cherished. Enjoy every moment. Live everyday as if ot were your last day. Live each day with thankfulness in your heart to God, because you were woderfully and fearfully made. You are not accident, you are a destiny." --Jaeson Ma

"We all need to be thankful for life, whether life has been good, or whether life has been hard!
  Know that God loves you, always forgives you, and has a plan for you.
  You are His precious child.
  God knitted you & formed you in your mother's womb. Life is not perfect, but every life is worth living." --Jaeson Ma

God loves me so much, so what's the point for me to emo just because of a small thing? His love is greater than any other things or problems on earth :D

It's 6pm now @@ I seriously need to bath and have my dinner. I need to study for tomorrow's test. 

Be blessed :D

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It's been a while...I know :)

I said I will blog more often, but the turth is, I abandon my blog again. So sorry!!!

Sometime when I finally have time to start blogging, but I feel like the time is better off used by doing other stuff. == ll

It's a new semester now, and Im graduating in this year. Hehe!!! So you can imagine how stress I am. XD But even though life is not always easy but I know I can always turn to God, my Creator and He is in control of everything. :)

"If God is for us, who can be against us?" --Romans 8:31

Last semester was really suck to me. To be honest, I questioned God a lot. For example, "why You allowed all these things to happen?"

But, His way is always higher, He knows the big picture but I am not. So just admit that Im not strong enough to cope with all the obstracles and I need a Savior to save me!!!! 

Alright, lets talk about how is my life now :)

Nail Art!!!


A big big thanks to my dear friend, Yi Xin :D

Cosmetic :)


 HAHAHAAHA!! I love cosmetic, especially the smell XD 

Of course normally I wont wear makeup to college, just sometime I will do makeup for more fabulous or glamorous look *wink*


Of course, medicine :(

I got sick again, since Wednesday :( I promised that I will take good care of myself but apparently I didn't. So sorry to everyone that love me so much. 



This is Jeremy's touch n go card. Why is it in pink color and it is call rabbit card!!! It's so cute. Can I buy this card from Jeremy? XD
I have a very weird feeling about him. He was so down and sad just now but as a friend or a sister, I really don't know what happened to him. All I can do for now is just keep him in my prayer, always be there for him and love him. :) Hope that he will getting better, just like my sickness.         


"Family is a place where everyone loves you no matter what and they accept you for who you are."

I found out family is playing a very important role in our life. It might not our blood family, sometime family can be your spiritual family or friends too :)

Thank God for Ivy, Kristine, Raymond, Amanda, Tricia, Teoh, Lydia, Jeremy, Ashley, Jia Ning, Yi Xin, etc 

They are just like my another family in KL, we love each other, take care of each other, hang out together, eat together, play together, sleep together. We can even share our pain together. This is how a family looks like. Thank God for putting them in my life, if not I don't think I can still doing good in this college, in this big city. 

What do you think about family? :)

To the 2 special girls that I reccently talked to, 

Life is not perfect but every life is worth living. We may not be perfect and wonderful in people's eyes, but we are always wonderful and perfect in God's eyes. We are wonderfully and fearfully made by Him. Don't think that we are lonely, He is always with us. Even when the difficult season in our life, we may not can stay strong, but He will stand for us :) 

"Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows." -- Luke 12:7  

Be blessed!

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No doubt, we like Full House. XD

Tuesday was our college holiday for Deepavali, and because of the lunch promotion offered, so we decided to go Full House again for lunch xD

This time we asked Jia Ning and Eugene to join, and manage to take photos because Eugene brought his DSLR!!! Hahahaha!!!

So I will just let the photos tell the story :D 



I like their inferior design, their decoration especially the good environment. Next time my house also want to have this kind of design xD


All the cakes :D 

Im totally forgotten how many flavor they are provided.


Jia Ning :)

The food

Soup of the day: Chicken Chowder

Jia Ning & Kristine: Spaghetti Pasta with Turkey Ham and Mushroom Cream

This is totally awesome and it is the spaghetti I like the most in Full House :D

Raymond: Al-funghi Spaghetti

Im not really tried this spaghetti before because it is a lil bit spicy as I cannot eat spicy = =

Me, Lydia & Khoo: Pan Sear Dory Fish with Asia Green

I like it very very very very MUCH!!!  

Eugene: Wok-Sear Chicken Chop with Daily Vegetable

This is super nice! One of my favourite food in Full House :D

Our dessert: Chocolate Cheese, Hazelnut Chocolate, Pandan, Coffee, Starwberry and Mocha Cheese 

I like it!!! We manage to taste each others' cake :D

Camwhore time :D

My dear sweet sister, Kristine with her food

Her funny valentine, Raymond :P

To prove that they are really funny xD

This was totally candid!!! Thanks to Eugene for this awesome photo :D

Okay la~ They become normal and so so so so SWEET (yet Raymond is still so funny xD)



We were trying to take photo of each other and this is the result xD


Meet my new friend, leng lui Lydia :D 


Take 1: Yam Seng!!!


Take 2: Yam Seng with piggy mouth xD


Take 3: Retarded children = =lll

Lydia & Jasmine.jpg  

This one is nicer la~~!!!! I want a DSLR == (My hair looks long in this photo :P)


The low profile guys, Eugene (Photographer of the day) & Khoo

full house.jpg  

Yay! Our family photo xD

Friends 2.jpg  

Another family photo :D (The upper side of my hair is in black and the middle side and the bottom is in brown!) 


Finally a proper family photo (got Eugene inside) xD


Our photographer of the day+boss xD


Behind the Scene xD


1. Me and Lydia 


 We were interviewing each other = =


I like this one:D


According to Eugene, this one is double taking? 


Why looks like we were doing lou sang? 

2. "Family Photo"


Only Lydia and Raymond were looking to the camera, but their faces look weird xD


Eugene: Let's take a photo with this car!!! 


Eugene: Places!!! xD


Eugene: One, Two, Three, Smile :)


Eugene: Alright! Take two :P


Hehe~~~ Now is my favourite photo of the day~~~~


Nice, right? 


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Yes, outing and food again XD

I ate too much =( and now I need to lose weight!!!

Last Sunday after the morning service in church and take some rest, me, Jia Ning and Alexander went to Festival City KL to have dinner. Actually we were wondering what to eat and we found Kenny Roger's Roaster XD Actually I wanted to eat roasted chicken la xD

The chicken was awesome!!!!

We ordered a family meal, whole chicken with 4 bowls of side dishes and 4 Kenny's Home-made muffins.

First side dishes: Macaroni & Cheese

That is super cheesy!!! but not good for health XD

Second side dishes: Mashed Potato & Gravy

Can u see how big is the mashed potato is? But not good for health as well ><

Third side dishes: Garlic Parsley Potato

This is my favortite!!! But not good for health ==

Forth side dishes: Fresh Friut Salad (but w/o mayo =D)

Including watermelon, orange, pineapple, honeydew, etc (This is much more better than others :D)

The home-made muffins, chocolate and vanilla. Higly recommend :D

The whole roasted chicken. I guess it is not good for health as well if we ate too much ><

So, this was portion. (Is is too big?) The red color sauce is thier bbq sauce with ketchup tastes LOL

The people
Jia Ning always tend to cover her face when I want to take her some photos = =

And Alexander ate too much XD (Just kidding la, I forgot why he got this funny expression xD)

After about an hour half, we finished the food!!! ><

The last photo, Alexander's victorious expression =P
Guess he is the one who finished all the food xD

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According to Kristine's fb status, that was on 15 October :)

Actually our (Me, Raymond and Kristine) first plan was go to Tabernacle of David to join thier Feast of Tabernacle. Just in case u didn't know, this church maybe is following the Jewish calender and the Feast of Tabernacle is one of the biblical mandated festivals. 

After some discussion, because Lydia and Khoo were not feel like join the Feast of Tabernacle, so we decided to go to Wangsa Walk to have dinner at Full House. 

Even though that wasn't our first choice, but we had a lot of fun there :D


I like this car :D 

Five of us were thinking to have a trip in Malacca but unfortunately, we don't have a car!!! When we go out from the restaurant, we saw this car!!!! And we have an evil idea XD  We were thinking to steal this car and drive to Malacca!!!


This dessert is my all time favourite!!! But I forgotten what it called ><  *ironic*


This is our favourite cream bulee!!!! I have evidence XD


You see~ Got 5 spoons there!!!! Obviously the cream bulee is too small for 5 person XD

I'll demand my future husband to make cream bulee for me and my dear friends XD

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Shalom! :D

Just realized that I got many pending post. U know la, I got classes, assignments, tutorial presentation, outings with friends...blah blah blah = =lll 

Alright, the "steamboat outing" with Jia Ning was happened about at least 2 weeks ago, if not mistaken XD

Hehe =P

In the morning, we had breakfast at Papparich before we departed from college. I found out that thier koay teow soup is so so only but thier wholemeal kaya steam bread is super NICE!!!!

And our lunch was popeye. I like popeye :D


I seriously dont like my mobile phone's camera. The quality of the photo are bad :(

Believe or not? It's only costs us RM 5!!!! I like thiermashed potata and chicken tender, they are awesome!!!

And the dinner......STEAMBOAT at Little Wok Kitchen!!!


It's about RM 20 per set. I got herbal soup and Jia Ning got tomyam soup. 

I like thier soup!!! Taste very herbal xD

That's all for that day :D

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Hi, been a long time i didn't update my blog. 

Time flies, my best friend, Vyonne graduated and went back to Penang, and Im now in Year 2. So, I lost a shopping kaki and makan kaki. Vyonne, when will u back to KL again? I miss you very much. T^T

Actually this post is totally nothing with Dancing Queen, Im just simply put it. XD but i really like the song "Dancing Queen" =)

As u can see in that photo, my hair is just like rumput, and it seems like losing the curly wave. Why? I miss my hair as well. =(

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That's how I look like now.  How is it?  Is it nicer than last time?  Or it is even worse? XD  (I don't like this photo, btw.  I look very tired.)

Actually I prefer the short fringe la...the long long fringe was just too messy and very very very difficult to manage = =

Thank you, Joey!!!!  

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I think I will miss my old fringe

Going to change my profile pic soon, perhaps


Goodbye, my long long fringe

A big big big thanks to little Joey =)

Want to know what had happened?  Just stay tuned and continue to follow my blog XD

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Guess what?  It's Full House again XD 

But this time is not with Vyonne but with Shenn Yi.  She is one of my close friends in KL. You know, it's not that easy to find a close friend in this consumerism world, especially in TARC.  Actually most of the TARCian likes to gossip, my roommate said maybe it's because of their family background worr @_@

Anyways, that's not the topic for today. So it's not important XD

Yesterday me and ShennYi skipped the OHR class because I was not feeling well and I managed to go to clinic accompany with Shenn Yi.  But mana tau the doctor said "just a small case, just need to rest more and drink more water". We were like "Okay -_-lll" when the doctor told us this. 

After that, we headed to Full House at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng to have lunch.  

Geng leh?!  Not feeling well need to eat nice food to make me feeling well XD

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It's not the Korean Drama "Full House" ya.  Actually I'm sure when u saw the cartoon above u will know I'm not talking about te Korean Drama la XD 

Just in case someone don't know XD

I'm talking about Full House Restaurant at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng =)

Let the pictures tell the story...

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Today is Friday. Ya, I did say that I don't like Friday just because I have no classes on Friday. But today will be a different Friday. It's sound col, right? XD

I'm now waiting for my friend, Vyonne's call. We will going to KLCC to have our dinner and have a look at Zara!!! And after that, we will go to church for a seminar. Think am going to learn a lot later. I'm looking forward to it =)

Let's talk about my study. I like my eng tutor so much. Her voice is so soft and gentle. I like the way she call my name "Jasmine". I hope I can speak like her. I'm a girl ma, of course I need to learn how to be a lady, be gentle and soft. 

And she played a game (it's not a game actually) with us. This game is a lil bit like what I played before with my old pal.

Brand of a car: Well...my answer will always be BMW. Don't ask me why, I like BMW since secondary school. I met a BMW guy before also, but now we're just friend. =)

Brand of men's suit: Haha...I choose Giorgio Armani. Why not G2000, because for me G2000 is not that luxury la...Elain's boyfriend wear it to college everyday!!!

Brand of cosmetic: Shiseido. I'm not really like Japan but I like Japanese cosmetic and skin care items, because it's suit for Asian skin.

Brand of  mobile phone: Nokia, just because I'm using Nokia XD

Still got many items but I'm not going to write down all of them, I'm just too lazy to type it.

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This is just an ordinary girl's ordinary diary.

I woke up at 10am and went for blunch with my roommate at 11am. Just as usual, we talked about our Father in heaven, guys, holiday, timetable, etc

I know she is worrying about me, but I just dont know how to and what to tell her, sorry lark. I will back to normal soon, I promise =)

Ya, something really happened on me, but that's not a big deal and I am not really care about it =)

And......Ya Happy Belated Valentine's Day

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Like the title above, ya, am in semester 3 now. Ya, time's flying and we couldn't catch it XD

And...ya! I got a good news and a bad news to share. Which one first? Of course is good news la. The good news is, 3rd sem is a short sem, got 7 weeks only, that means I can balik kampung in April. And the bad news is, because of this semester only got 7 weeks, so according to my OHR tutor, we cannot have any holiday, vacation, we even cannnot have a break because we have to rush up all the syllabus in 7 weeks. (Normally is in 14 weeks) 

But of course no one can control me to not to have holiday la....I love holiday, I love shopping, I love outing, I love makan besar, etc


because of I'm not having any classes on Friday and weekend, all of my friends will balik kampung on Thursday after classes. Haizzz....


Shopping kaki is needed
Dinner kaki is needed
Movie watching kaki is needed
Mahjong kaki is needed

any kaki also can la -_-lll

pls email me at cjasmine92@gmail.com

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hi, everyone =) Finally I update my blog, but actually I still don't know what to write la XD

Hmm...I think I'm just too lazy to update...haha

This gal memang syiok sendiri = =

Oh ya...Merry Christmas to everyone =)

btw, I've received the best Christmas gift, how abt u? =)


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It is week 10 and week 11 is coming soon.

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