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Went to Jusco with Ashley again right after class to buy some groceries. Just skip the grocery part, Im still not good in grocery shopping, I bought things I want but not things I need ><

See what I bought xD


Kellogg's Special K cereal, instant noodles, yogurt and milk. Of course yogurt and milk are in my stomach now, so no photo to show xD

That's how my food box looks like


I have Horlicks, milk, instant noodles, oats, cereal, fibre, biscuits, glucose and honey. I know I shouldn't eat instant noodles, but I think instant noodles is kind of essential for a college student?  (Unhealthy college student actually xD)

Went for dinner at Kenny Roger's Roaster after that


Guess what, we brought the milk that we just bought from Jusco. xD 

Maybe because of the milk, both of us felt very full and I couldn't even finish the chicken and fruits ><

Went to Starbucks :D


Mine look like a candid photo. But I like it. Haha!


Went to moral lecture class this morning. It should be just another normal lecture class, but I found this in my textbook xD


For those who doesn't understand Malay, go and use google translate xD Im just too lazy to translate it.

Think Im gonna show Ashley this later. I can't wait to see her reaction. Im sure it will be super funny A_A

I don't really feel fright this through out this whole day. I don't like this feeling :( Guess the moral textbook was the most funniest thing for today. Haiz...

Took a photo of myself to make me feel better, but apparently I failed ><


I don't look alright, I need something to make me feel alright = =

According to my mom, eat something good or try to eat some chocolate (but dont eat too much larh)

and so, I bought


Tuna, M&M's and Dou Hua. The Dou Hua is very nice, but I coundn't finish it = = Suddenly feel like eating tuna even though Im not really a tuna person. 

I never thought that an assignment project can cause conflict. It sounds like Im a college freshman, but actually Im graduating in this year. Am I being too naive? I always thought that people will be nice and friendly to you if u be nice and friendly to people. Why college students are so complicated? I really thought that we are friends after what we have gone through together last few semesters. How good if everyone is as friendly and loving as Jesus? 

He is and will be my best friend forever and always :) and He is also the reason why I can smile even though life is not really easy. I can't imagine there are people think that life on earth is suffering and torturing. Why? For me every life is beautiful and wonderful. I really thank God for giving me this chance to enter this world, if not I wouldn't experience all these wonderful things and know all those beautiful people. :)

"Life is a gift, life is not to be wasted, its to be cherished. Enjoy every moment. Live everyday as if ot were your last day. Live each day with thankfulness in your heart to God, because you were woderfully and fearfully made. You are not accident, you are a destiny." --Jaeson Ma

"We all need to be thankful for life, whether life has been good, or whether life has been hard!
  Know that God loves you, always forgives you, and has a plan for you.
  You are His precious child.
  God knitted you & formed you in your mother's womb. Life is not perfect, but every life is worth living." --Jaeson Ma

God loves me so much, so what's the point for me to emo just because of a small thing? His love is greater than any other things or problems on earth :D

It's 6pm now @@ I seriously need to bath and have my dinner. I need to study for tomorrow's test. 

Be blessed :D

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Have u ever felt this way before? Keep doing assignments, presentation, sit for tests or work OT in weekdays, and damn look forward to the weekend to come.

I have this feeling all the time, except during high school. I'm wondering why I loved weekdays so much during high school but once I entered college, I dislike weekdays, except Friday xD 

24/2/2012, Friday

The Wedding Diary  

Have u watched this movie? 

Went to MBO in Festival City, KL with Lydia and Jeremy for this movie on last Friday night. It's a very good movie :) at first I thought it is just another funny local chinese movie, but actually it contains a lot of good value in our life and according to Jeremy, this movie reflects guys' feeling when they want to get married. LoL

Again, me and Lydia were the loudest laughter in the cineme room. LoL! Why I cannot be normal or sane a bit when I hang out with Lydia? She always makes me laugh like a crazy girl in public. It's so embarrassing yet funny. LoL

25/2/2012, Saturday

Kenanga Wholesale City   

Went to Kenanga Wholesale City with Ashley. Actually some of the shopt is doing retail business as well. Can consider this if really wanna buy cheap clothes. Their clothes are really cheap, like RM5. But, maybe because of Im a online shopper, so I found out most of their clothes can be found on taobao, and some of them are even expensive than taobao. I think I will buy from taobao, even though I cannot really touch and feel the material and fabric. 

I didn't buy anything from the wholesale city, but Ashley bought toy for her dog, Bonnie xD SHould I buy one for Bobby too? :P

After a few hours spent in wholesales city, we went to pavilion. Forever 21 is doing SALES now!!! I found some sexy panties XD It's super cheap, like RM5 per one, but the design is not really nice. 

And I found this shirt :D


Jesus loves you!!! I love you too xD 

Went to Vincci to buy shoes. I wanted to buy flat actually, but I end up with wedges = =


Love it very much!!!! Im having a small dilemma now. Im turning 20 now, I know it's the time for me to make a change in my life, but Im just wondering should I say bye to the school girl look that I used to be and say hi to a more ladylike look? I know my mom will definitely says I should start learning how to be a presentable lady now, but Im just not sure. I need a thoughtful advice :)

And Din Tai Fung for dinner :D

Din Tai Fung  

Michelin star restaurant, but not really expensive xD I love their Xiao Long Bao!!!


We ordered noodles, Xiao Long Bao and Taiwanese Spring Rolls.

Im gonna go there again to try their other foods xD

26/2/2012, Sunday


Just ignore my messy hair = = (but actually I love my hair very much xD)

It's been a really long time I never take photo of myself. I took some because I was too boring in my room so just simply play around with my phone xD  

I went to Festival City again with Teoh in the afternoon to have lunch with her. 

Okay, I bought clothes as well ><

red blouse  

I bought this red blouse in Kitschen. Simply put together with my cardigan and white Tee :P

I think the first one will looks very cute with short pants, but remember to tuck in the blouse and wear a red bow headband xD

hello kitty  
I know right xD 

The second one is very suitable for the weather in M'sia. HOT!!!!!

I don't like the third one = = It looks very weird with cardigan. Maybe can wear with skirt? I don't know ><

Found some nice shirts on their website :)


I love heartssssss!!! The dress is totally school girl look >< 

Was looking for flat in Summit. I found a lots of flat with bow 


Nice or not? Nice ot not? They are my best friends, but I guess I will not buy that much compare to heels from now on :( but I'm gonna buy one of them very soon xD

And went to Vincci, Jusco with Sukhpreet to buy flat. I need to wear flat to college laaaaaaaa =3=

and so I bought this, quite different from what I used to wear 


very comfortable but I don't really used to the design, without bow = =

I spent a lot this weekend, so don't call me out for shopping ya. I will stay in my dorm and wait for my taobao bag to arrive xD

But i guess no one is gonna believe in me =P

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It's been a while...I know :)

I said I will blog more often, but the turth is, I abandon my blog again. So sorry!!!

Sometime when I finally have time to start blogging, but I feel like the time is better off used by doing other stuff. == ll

It's a new semester now, and Im graduating in this year. Hehe!!! So you can imagine how stress I am. XD But even though life is not always easy but I know I can always turn to God, my Creator and He is in control of everything. :)

"If God is for us, who can be against us?" --Romans 8:31

Last semester was really suck to me. To be honest, I questioned God a lot. For example, "why You allowed all these things to happen?"

But, His way is always higher, He knows the big picture but I am not. So just admit that Im not strong enough to cope with all the obstracles and I need a Savior to save me!!!! 

Alright, lets talk about how is my life now :)

Nail Art!!!


A big big thanks to my dear friend, Yi Xin :D

Cosmetic :)


 HAHAHAAHA!! I love cosmetic, especially the smell XD 

Of course normally I wont wear makeup to college, just sometime I will do makeup for more fabulous or glamorous look *wink*


Of course, medicine :(

I got sick again, since Wednesday :( I promised that I will take good care of myself but apparently I didn't. So sorry to everyone that love me so much. 



This is Jeremy's touch n go card. Why is it in pink color and it is call rabbit card!!! It's so cute. Can I buy this card from Jeremy? XD
I have a very weird feeling about him. He was so down and sad just now but as a friend or a sister, I really don't know what happened to him. All I can do for now is just keep him in my prayer, always be there for him and love him. :) Hope that he will getting better, just like my sickness.         


"Family is a place where everyone loves you no matter what and they accept you for who you are."

I found out family is playing a very important role in our life. It might not our blood family, sometime family can be your spiritual family or friends too :)

Thank God for Ivy, Kristine, Raymond, Amanda, Tricia, Teoh, Lydia, Jeremy, Ashley, Jia Ning, Yi Xin, etc 

They are just like my another family in KL, we love each other, take care of each other, hang out together, eat together, play together, sleep together. We can even share our pain together. This is how a family looks like. Thank God for putting them in my life, if not I don't think I can still doing good in this college, in this big city. 

What do you think about family? :)

To the 2 special girls that I reccently talked to, 

Life is not perfect but every life is worth living. We may not be perfect and wonderful in people's eyes, but we are always wonderful and perfect in God's eyes. We are wonderfully and fearfully made by Him. Don't think that we are lonely, He is always with us. Even when the difficult season in our life, we may not can stay strong, but He will stand for us :) 

"Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows." -- Luke 12:7  

Be blessed!

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